Songwriting Mental Jewelry

When you set out to write some lyrics, it's important to spice things up a bit.  I try to stray from the norm, trying some new stuff out.  I use synonyms to suggest alternative ways to say things, breaking away from what might have come before me.

Don't get me wrong, the old tried and true methods of expressing your thoughts can be the most effective way.  I just throw these ideas out there to try and grab the listeners attention with something unexpected or new.

I have, however, watered down my own creations with "over thinking" the lyrics.  I then have to revert back to where I started, because feels the most organic for me.  The process of songwriting is like a puzzle, looking for the pieces that fit and create the entire image you are searching for.

For example, the word "rain" could be jazzed up a bit, replacing it with synonyms such as "cloudburst", "deluge", "torrent", or "flood".  Depending on the overall tone of your lyrics, you can shoot for words that are sedated or calming, or dramatic.  The choice is up to you to pick the right piece to fit your puzzle.

Taking an idea that is floating in your head, and then finding a creative way to communicate this idea to an audience, is an essential part of good songwriting.